Oh, it HURTS

Friday, June 11, 2010

HURTS, live at Dingwalls

I went to see the new, trendy, much-vaunted pop group HURTS last night in Camden.

They played a series of songs: dramatic, swooping, soaring, passionate, moody and urgent all come to mind as descriptors.

The lead singer's quite an intense performer - he focuses eagle-eyed on the audience, making arch gestures: a slight eyebrow raise, hand-clasp, subtle jaw clench, raised claw-hand, deep look to the ground.

It's all very one-step-short-of-losing-it and he-has-a-lot-of-internal-rage but suits the dramatic nature of some of their songs.

The band were all quite smartly attired wearing sharp suits, with the exception of the keyboard player who wore a t-shirt and braces. Just to be different.

And that was HURTS. Watch a short video I made here - apols about the sound quality, but you get nice visuals.