Our Saint Saviour

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saint Saviour by Genie Espinosa

I went to see Hurts play at Union Chapel last week, as part of Mencap's Little Noise sessions. They were wonderful: haunting, elegant, emotional - as arresting now as the first time I saw them.

I really enjoyed the support act Saint Saviour.

We described Saint Saviour as:
  • Kate Bush meets Liza Minelli
  • Marcella Detroit meets Robyn
  • Enya meets Roisin Murphy
  • Dolores O'Riordan meets Enya
  • Enya goes to Florence (with the Machine)

Ergo: amazing.

Maybe the church setting set me to thinking more than usual, but the lyrics Saint Saviour sang really stood out: "don't shine the spotlight on me, I'm already bright enough". Profound, no?

Have a listen:

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David said...

One word!


genie espinosa said...

Hello! How are you??
I've got no problem at all for you using my illo but could you please acredite me with a link to my website?
thank would be sooo kind!

Adrian said...

Hi Genie, no worries - I've added it. The image also linked directly to your site.