Sights in Sweden

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sights of Gothenburg

I went to Gothenburg in Sweden a few weekends. It was very nice, here's what I saw:
  • Elegant, solid architecture. Built to withstand cold, snow, time.
  • Festive fare at Haga Christmas market
  • A tree at Liseberg completely covered in Christmas lights. Every branch had a twinkle.
  • A lake shaped like a guitar
  • Nanne Gronvall-esque climbing frame in the airport
  • A portly chap doing a stumbly samba to You're making me hot hot hot
  • Elks and reindeers in Slottskogen park
  • Homeware shops on every street. There are loads.
  • Adventstjarna - a lovely star in every window

Swedish Adventstjerne

Nature in Gothenburg