The End of the World

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuala's world

Louise's world

Eleanor's world

David O's world

Daniel's world

The five drawings above are the final five maps I've collected for my My World project, where I ask people to draw the world.

Nuala, Louise, Eleanor, David O and Daniel drew their worlds last year. With their drawings, I had reached a total of 80. That seemed like a good number to bring collecting to a close. I had collected drawings of The World in 80 ways.

Also, in my poster design below, 80 allows for a blank space, recognising that this kind of endeavour could run and run on to infinity. (Click on it to see it bigger)

The World in 80 ways

Thank you to all those who drew pictures, responding to my perplexing request with creativity, practicality and flair.

All 80 images - the world in 80 ways - are on flickr here.


Ms Bintal said...

I totally want this as a framed poster in my house! It's now on my to-do list.

I loved this project and seeing all the maps you collected for it.

You inspired me to start collecting tube maps for all the ones I've been on.