Robyn at Roundhouse

Friday, March 04, 2011

Robyn @ Roundhouse, March 3

Last night, I saw Robyn at Roundhouse.

I've seen Robyn live quite a few times now, from one of her earliest UK gigs to the heights of Heaven.

She always delivers.

I can totally see why she called her last album Body Talk; she really does channel her lyrics through her dancing. Such as:

  • Simulating putting a calculator in her pocket during Fembot
  • Thumping a heartbeat on her chest during With Every Heartbeat
  • Simulating kissing and embracing herself during Dancing on my Own
  • Throwing herself around the stage in unabashed, uncoordinated dance fever during nearly everything.

In short, and, as always: amazing.

Robyn @ Roundhouse, March 3