Impressive Istiklal, Istanbul

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Istanbul is a vibrant, busy, buzzing city. This can be seen most of all on İstiklâl Caddesi (Independence Avenue), its three kilometre long main shopping street.

With more than 3 million people visit the street on a weekend day, it's never quiet. Even on weekdays, late into the evening, people were walking the street, visiting the shops and taking in the sights.

And what sights - İstiklâl Caddesi is full of amazing, wonderful sights, sounds and smells that make Istanbul a great city, such as:

  • A man walking along with monkey on a leash.
  • Ladies wearing full burqas, wearing headscarves slowly sauntering while other woman in bikini tops sashayed by.
  • A man dressed as an Ottoman soldier, with nobody paying any notice
  • Men walking down the street, holding hands, embracing, laughing, touching, all completely platonic.
  • Men selling roasted chestnuts, with nutty smoke arising from each cart.
  • Men selling mussels, with lemons strewn among the shells
  • A tram clanging its way up and down the street; one time with a band blasting out funky rock music from an open air carriage.
  • Busking men playing traditional Turkish instruments, the music from which mixed with the modern beats coming from he nightclubs on the upper floors of the buildings.