Andrei's map of Moldova

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I've been searching for a long time for someone from Moldova to draw me a map.

Finally, on Friday, I found Andrei. He drew this great map of Moldova.

Moldova, drawn by Andrei

I met Andrei celebrating with friends outside Wembley stadium before the England -v- Moldova match.

As he drew, Andrei told me Moldova looked like a bunch of grapes and he drew the main cities in grape-like circles.

When he finished, he explained to his friends what he had been doing. I said I had been looking for a Moldovan for a long time.

"But there are loads of Moldovans in London!" said his friend.

I beg to differ; it's taken many tries to find them....

I went to Casa Romanescu, a restaurant in deepest, northernest Edmonton. I'd read that some of the staff there were from Moldova, so it was worth paying a visit. One my first and second attempt, everything was locked up. Finally, third time lucky, I was able to visit.

From outside all looked quiet, but inside a live trio blared out traditional Romanian music. After eating, I asked the waiter if there was anyone from Moldova here. "No," he said.

But then Natalia from Moldova came over to talk to me. And so it turns put there are two Moldovas - the Republic and the region of Romania.

Later, Juliana - a level 3 beautician also from Moldova (region of Romania) - chatted to me. She had a friend from Moldova (republic). She took my telephone number and then never got in touch.

Then I discovered the Moldova UK forum where a chap called Eduard said he would draw a map. I emailed, but no reply.

So after many months of Moldovan minutiae, I have finally collected a map. My next and final person / map to find must come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. (And I've already got an idea...)