World Cup in London: Uruguay

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I've watched the World Cup with Uruguay fans before - in a bar in Leicester Square. Since then, I've wondered if there is a more authentic place to watch... a Uruguayan bar or cafe perhaps.

With that in mind, for Uruguay -v- Colombia, I headed to Canthinha do Goias in Stockwell (thanks to a tip from World in London) where I found a very dark, small room packed full of Uruguay fans, some Brazil fans and three Colombia fans!

There were lots of Uruguay flags and football shirts on display, and the small crowd were hooked on watching the match.
But it soon went south for Uruguay as Colombia scored a goal.
Then, just as some enthusiasm was waning, another person arrived who got everyone excited again.

But, despite their singing, chanting and applauding, it was not possible and Uruguay were defeated and out of the World Cup. It didn't seem to phase the fans too much though; they continued dancing and singing regardless.