Bustling Buenos Aires

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Every city has its zones: the political quarter, business quarter, entertainment district.

One of the first things I'll do in a new city is head for the main shopping street to watch the comings and goings.

In Buenos Aires, that main street is the Calle Florida, which has been partly pedestrianised for more than a hundred years.

As I walked along, here's what I saw.

  • A man furiously spraying the air with an aerosol
  • A woman with a full head brace
  • People positioned every few yards along the street saying "cambi cambi cambio" in every manner of refrain.
  • Adverts for the McTriple, meat-obsessed Argentina's answer to the Big Mac (three burgers in one)
  • A woman carrying a 7 foot tall lampstand and shade wrapped entirely in bright lime green plastic
  • A man playfully tussling his girlfriend's long blonde hair, so much so that it ends up splayed across the ice cream cone she's eating.
  • A group of Orthodox Jews handing out boxes of Channukah lights
  • A blonde woman in a bright baby blue dress walking two pink painted poodles
  • A woman walking hand-in-hand with her two young daughters, all three of them wearing the same sparkly silver shoes
  • A big burly black man carrying 15 flashy handbags on one arm.
  • A man power-walking to work wearing a  tracksuit, football shirt and carrying a formal leather briefcase