Rio de Janeiro streets

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Rio de Janeiro does not have one main shopping street - unlike Buenos Aires or Istanbul.

While it might seem like Rio's beaches are the hub of all energy, there is still lots of life and activity to please people-watchers in Rio.  As I walked around the city, here's what I saw...

  • A poodle wearing four bright blue socks
  • A thin hipster-ish man wearing skinny jeans and a smock shirt playing a picalillo in middle of traffic
  • A middle-aged man fainting on the street, with people crowding around trying to help
  • A young dude working the door of a restaurant checking out every guy that passed him by
  • A mother calming her truculent little boy, saying "tranqui, tranqui!"
  • A good-looking man walking along a busy street wearing only a skimpy sunga. Only in Rio!
  • A young teenage boy pleading through tears and wails with a shop security guard
  • A tiny old lady clutching her phone to her face and conspiratorially covering her mouth
  • Guys carrying used drinks cans in fishing nets, a modern update on a traditional economy.
  • A man selling books in the middle of traffic while wearing a bright grass green suit and carrying a huge sign.