Happy Christmas Island

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for Ireland, so would like to take this opportunity to say Happy Christmas Island to all you lovely people reading and commenting here. It makes me very chuffed.

I'm in a very festive mood now, but the list of potential Christmas number 1s is not festive at all. Sure Leona's A Moment Like This has a certain "seize the moment and live it" charm which could be said to be Christmassy, and Girls Aloud offer the soundtrack to so many drunken Christmas parties with I Think We're Alone Now...

But! There are no bells! Bells are what Christmas music is all about!

Here to rectify this is supermodel Heidi Klum with Wonderland. Hurrah for this. It's so schlagery it could be Swedish but it's German - where the word schlager came from. There's bells, a children's choir, high oh oh oh parts, more bells - it's cheesy Christmas cheer in one brilliant song.

Download Heidi Klum - Wonderland (right click - save as) [file removed]

This is the first mp3 I've posted on acediscovery, but I feel it won't be the last. Hurrah.

Happy Christmas!


The Art of Depa said...

mi fanno malaipiedi

Trixie said...

Happy xmas backatcha my sweet. I've loved our daily gtalking, plus comments r0x0r