Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dragonette are amazing. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again. I went to their showcase on Monday night. Before the show commenced, a pole dancer slinked her way on stage and swung around. Dragonette's image is being moulded from sex and lots of it. Martina wore a purple PVC leotard, and talked about the boys in the band's cock sizes.

I Get Around is a homage to sleeping with men that you shouldn't, the sort of forbidden-fucks you know you shouldn't. Competition is about sleeping with another girl's man. Martina fabulously introduced it as "this is a song about the time I fucked your boyfriend". New song Black Limousine plays around with being a gold-digger.

The video for the synthy-slutty I Get Around shows Martina cross-dressing and getting off with ladies. I cornered her after the gig (actually - she! approached! me!) to ask her a hugely important question. Here's the exclusive interview.

Me: We still love your hair.
Lady Dragonette: Thanks!
Me: I want to ask you a question... actually, three questions but I can only remember one now as I've drank this freebie wine. So. What do you say to those that suggest you should be getting off with hunky guys in your video and not those ladies?
LD: What? Haha. Well, that would mean another change, and I've already had two changes so I don't know. Or as a guy? It would be, eh...
Me: [interrupting] You totally know I'm just going to pretend you said "Yes! Absolutely!"

Hurrah for her. Hurrah for Dragonette. I'm sure they'll be playing tons more gigs soon so go see, and get their album when it comes out. It will be ace.