They Must Strut!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some pictures have emerged about the Eurovision stage for Helsinki. This is one of those pictures, thank you oikotimes who took it from YLE / EBU.

It's quite minimal in a Finnish chic way, and this is good.

There is a catwalk, and this is good.

The catwalk is only to be used for the opening and interval acts, and camera-people. Not the performers. And this is bad.

Guri Schanke needs to strut! Scooch need to have the aisle light up in the case of an emergency landing! Edsilia = strutting! Evridiki = strutting! Serebro = coordinated girl band strutting! DQ = strutting! We need the strutting space.

YLE! Rectify this! The Catwalk Campaign starts here. Sign the petition and Save Our Strutting!


Schlagerboys said...

Quite right!

Save our Schlager Strutting!

Goggle said...

Scooch don't need the catwalk. They can always slide down that ramp on the right side on their seat cushions.

Adrian said...

Goggle, I like your thinking. But! Still! There must be strutting. If not for Scooch, for us all.

Richard said...

we need more strutting and heels should be higher than ever this year. so we can separate the real ladies from the real men. ;-)