Flying the Flag for Strutting

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm still demanding a strut! On the CatCatWalk - Well Done to the Melodimen for that piece of Eurovizh wordplay.

Yes, The Catwalk Campaign continues apace (ie. I've not done anything since last week and don't intend to so it 'continues' 'apace').

39 intelligent, sound-of-mind and right-thinking people have signed the campaign so far. I'll print them all out, pop them in a jiffy bag and send it off to YLE. Soon. But what do the petitionees have to say:

Andy Brook notes: Scooch needs an aisle to demonstrate their safety procedures!

And to show us where the emergency exits are!

None other than Vicki Leandros (!) says: Oooh, imagine what Ola Salo (the Ark) could do with a catwalk.

Vicki knows her stuff (or, at least, imagines her stuff)

Neil Durham offers a voice of sanity and a well-reasoned argument in this sea of bonkers-ness by saying: Use of the catwalk by the acts would make the contest far more exciting and increase the interaction between artists and audience.

You know it. Please sign the petition: if not for Scooch, for Edsilia, for Evridiki, for Guri, for Everybody (that's all of us, not the ropey Estonian winner).