Thursday, May 03, 2007

Today, I met Scooch! (Thanks to karinski) It was wildly uneventful, but Things I Learned are:

  • Scooch cannot speak any Finnish, except for stupid phrases that radio presenters keep telling them. I gave them kiitos, meaning thank you. That's how helpful I am.
  • Scooch do not sing the bits in foreign on their German, Danish, Spanish, Bulgarian etc. versions. I'm not surprised.
  • David is very, very tanned and very, very lovely. He liked my 'I (heart) cheese' t-shirt.
  • Scooch will have new costumes and dance routines for Eurovision. Hurrah.
  • Scooch will not be doing their air steward routine on the plane to Helsinki as they fear they will be told to sit down. Wise people.
  • David's favourite Eurovision song is Gina G's (Ooh Aah) Just A Little Bit and his favourite song from this year is Denmark's Drama Queen.
  • DQ wants to 'do something' with Scooch in Helsinki. It will be an unmeasurable explosion of campness.
And that was that.


Anonymous said...

The story of the King's new clothes springs to mind here.

Why don't people tell it as it really is - the UK song was absolute crap! Did anyone actually listen to the lyrics? A child could write better. As for the so called dancing ............

Now, I have lived all my life in the UK and have seen countless song contests. Before the votes came in I had chosen Russia, Bulgaria and the Ukraine as being ones to watch and look how well they all did.

Thank goodness for Terry Wogan putting some sanity into the show.

See you in 2008 - yeah right! The contest now resembles nothing of its former days. Next year I will watch a good movie instead.