Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 is over: here's what I did in 2010.

Some randomly plucked 2010 audio/visual highlights

10 tweets from 2010
  • I made the Polish ladies in Old Street station sandwich shop smile by speaking Polish to them.
  • Reading about pubs in Ireland opening on Good Friday. 'tis a landmark
  • Fascinating fact: Switzerland has won more Nobel Prizes (per capita) than any other nation.
  • WEIRD. I've just read an email written by me in 2000, talking about having set up a Eurovision website. I have no memory of that.
  • My friend Vandana and I are setting up a stall at a flea market. We're going to be the V&A Flea-seum.
  • Love Spotify. Search Ellie Goulding. Get "Do you mean Elsie Goulding?" I wish I did.
  • Saw a geography teacher doing his marking on the tube earlier. Was quite excited.
  • Going to see Grace Jones tonight. Amazing seats, actually sitting in one of her hats.
  • I managed to use the word outré and metaphor in my leaving speech at work. Brilliant.
  • Received spam from Airline Adriana. How wonderful. I'd fly with them.


Bintal said...

What's the South Korea story?

Adrian said...

I won a competition from Metro - I won a 5-day holiday in South Korea. Amazing. Then they sent me the conditions which were that I had to have a UK passport. I don't, so I don't actually win.