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Monday, November 20, 2006

On Saturday evening, I went to First Out Café to a Spanish pop music night held there every two weeks. I didn't know a lot about the night before going, having only seen a flyer on a recommendation from Karinski. The dress code, rather fabulously, was for "wigs & heels".

Spanish Pop Night

Getting there around 8.30, it was already busy with a happy bunch of Spanish gays, guys and girls bopping around the DJ box. The music initially was quite Spanish-indie-pop guitar bands, so I wondered how Spanish poppy it would be. How soon should I pester the DJs, asking for anything by Chenoa! or David Bisbal! or any other fab latin-pop songs?!

Las Ketchup's Asereje was played a few minutes later, and I was happily reassured that it was pop, pop, pop all the way. Chenoa's excellent Cuando Tu Vas soon followed, with joyful whoops from me, as did David Bisbal's Buleria and Shakira's Hips Don't Lie, which (if not strictly Spanish) is whole lot of ace latin pop. One man told me that the night was "really great" as it was the only gay Spanish pop night in London. Hurrah!

Spanish Pop Night

Highlights of the new-songs-I-hadn't-known were a song which may or may not be called Enamorada del amor by Joan Sebastian, a Mexican singer and definitely Maquillaje by Mecano, an ace song which sounds like early 80s preview for Girls Aloud's Biology. You can listen to that below. Apparently it's all about disguising one's true appearance through make-up, with reference to the superficiality of modern society. So, here are some people wearing wigs and dancing. Ace!

Spanish Pop Night

Listen here to Mecano - Maquillaje:


Bintal said...

Why was everyone wearing wigs?

It was a great night! Can't wait to go back.

I've updated myself on all your musings.

Please reserve a copy of your Japan poster for me, it's awesome. I'm going to wait until I move home to frame it so it doesn't get torn from my studenty walls.

Kiss kiss. -bins

Adrian said...

The dresscode was "wigs and heels". I didn't check if they were wearing heels.

Geoff said...

Why didn't you tell me about this? After years of hating spanish pop I had a real conversion two years ago when I started learning the language, and now I love it. Gutted I missed Cuando tu Vas - must go next time so I can hear that out.

Did they play any Fangoria?

Adrian said...

I was going to text you, but then I got very excited and texting became impossible!

We should go some time!

Fangoria wasn't played while I was there, but I was just there for an hour, and they were all bopping when I left, so it's infintely possible some Fangoria was played later.

Anonymous said...

Chenoa videos on YouTube are strangley addictive! And far more enjoyable than this essay I'm meant to be doing. It's normally the drinking that makes folk fail, for me it's spanishpop.

Jamie said...

One hopes they played some Gisela and Rosa.

Adrian said...

Gareth - I'm so glad the internet revolution didn't happen until I finished uni. I'd never have got any work done.

Jamie - I'm not sure they did. I was so happy to hear Chenoa that I didn't think to pester them to play Beth's Dime.

Trixie said...

Take me next time darling