Fab at 50

Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is my 50th post on acediscovery and, by sheer serendipity, is a year to the day that I started the blog with my very long post about Gdansk.

So to mark the occasion, I've been out and about in London looking for 50s. And here they are:

50 at the Fifty Club

50 at UCL

50 at Frith Street

50 on Euston Road

50 at UCL

50 at Liverpool Street Station

50 at Gray's Inns

50 at Brixton Hill

50 at Coram Street

50 at Doughty Street


Geoff said...

That's a really cool photo series, you should do more of these on different themes - words, colours, that sort of thing.

And congrats on sticking to it for a year!

Adrian said...

Thank you! Suggest a theme for me and off I'll go!

orange anubis said...

Let me add some more congratulations! And I'm loving the 50s pics.