Wednesday, November 15, 2006

DragonetteOn Monday night, I went with Mr. Gaypop and Ms. Karinski to Ghetto to see Dragonette, a new electropop band who are Canadian but based in the UK. They played about 8 songs in all. Their song I Get Around is an ace synthy number with an excellent rousing pop chorus. I think about this song at least 3 times a week, as it has the line "so I tiptoe out of this mess / as I slip myself back into last night's dress". Then the singers slathers herself with lipstick and faces the day - a song about The Walk of Shame, how fantastic.

The gig was great. Lead singer Martina is quite fabulous, addressing the crowd with a louch, but enthuastic, style. She wore gold spandex skin-tight leggings (which I know she bought at American Apparel), ace black shoes with gold heel, black-and-gold fingerless gloves, and black cashmere cardigan with a piece-de-resistance accessory - a mutilated pom-pom hanging from one shoulder (made from cassette tape, so she told us).

Dragonette guitaristI was highly impressed by some of their newer songs, which I hadn't heard before the gig. True Believer sounds like an ace rousing, power uptempo ballad-esque pop song. I can see it being huge. I like equations, so Dragonette sound something like this:

Rogue Traders - Rock + Electro = Dragonette ≈ No Doubt + Pop - Ska.

While Martina moved around, dancing with the audience, standing on the amps and generally shimmying like a funky-robotnic, the rest of the band stood intent on playing their music. I was quite taken by this guitarist. Hello. The band finished off by saying, “We’re Dragonette... you’re not -but don’t feel bad about it.” Cute, and great attitude.

So. Dragonette: they have excellent synthy-pop music and a fabulous nouveau-eighties look. The pic below is one of their striking gender-bending-but-not-too-much promo images. Having already supported Scissor Sisters and New Order live, 2007 could just be their year. Here's hoping.



Trixie said...

Did you check her pants label or something?

Adrian said...

I just know. I'm very fashionista, darling.


They're lame. Or lamé, to be fabulous about it.

tobias said...

like TOTALLY off-topic, but still... There is now a form to fill out if you want to attend the finnish national finals. If I remember correctly, the weekend you will be in tampere is the least wanted final so far, but i would email to these people anyway... Good luck!

Jessica said...

Aww, I wanted to go to that but didn't have anyone to go with. You will have to make up for it by being my groovy Robyn gig pal.

I didn't know there was American Apparel in England until I clicked that link. I've only been to the one in Berlin. I presume it is as overpriced here as there.

Adrian said...

There is an American Apparel on Carnaby Street. I'm not sure it's overpriced, but it's very Primary Colours.

Can't wait for the Robyn gig.

Jessica said...

Well, overpriced considering you can get the same & better stuff in H&M pretty cheap.

I am soooo excited about Robyn, although I haven't even decided what day to go yet. Must organise self.