Wish I was there

Friday, November 10, 2006

When an idea forms in my brain, I often find myself thinking that I wish I'd thought of it earlier. For instance, I wish I had thought of my map collecting project a year ago, and could have collected maps from my trips to Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Japan etc. This thought came to me again a few weeks ago. We went for a day to Hastings, during the lovely weather of the Indian summer.

As we walked along the clifftops, I looked out to sea. I was taken by the strong, vivid, complimentary blues of the sea and sky, divided by the horizon. I took some photographs. I was pleased when I looked back at the photographs, but thought that these could have been taken anywhere. There was a universality in the combination of sea and sky.

Seascape: Hastings

I again started to wonder why I hadn't thought of this idea earlier. A framed picture formed in my mind, showing 8 small photographs of the sky and sea, each taken in an entirely different location, yet each with a similar and timeless universality.

I thought about this some more when I got home, and started looking through my photographs pictures. I found that kernels of this idea had formed, but nothing fully fledged. The photographs below are from Brighton, Barcelona, Japan, Cork, Kerry and San Francisco.

Seascape: Hastings

Seascape: Barcelona

Seascape: Japan

Seascape: Kerry

Seascape: West Cork

Seascape: San Francisco

I love how each photograph could be anywhere (with the possible exception of the photo from Barcelona). There is sky, there is sea. But each photograph is, for me, grounded - that is Kerry, that is Barcelona etc. My memory of these places influences my viewing of the photographs. So while I was disappointed that I had not had this idea sooner, I found that thinking about how the idea traced its way through my previous travels was as rewarding as any ultimate framed picture.


orange anubis said...

I think these pics are really beautiful, Adrian. I love that there's a stong formal rule determining the composition of each - and that you hadn't realised you were creating a series until it was well underway!

Boz said...

Hey they are really fantastic. And its a great idea. I particularly like the B&W photo - is that Cork? It's nice that you have each picture form somewhere you've been and enjoyed.

Adrian said...

Thanks for the compliments!

If my memory serves me correctly, the b&w photo was taken in Cork - somewhere in West Cork, I think.

Daphne said...

Hi Adrian! really nice post this one. lovely pics...when you travel to Greece you will realize that photos of the sea here could not be taken anywhere!

Minge said...


Gareth said...

They're ace. The one with the mountain range is particularly stunning.

And just be glad that you're not thinking up these ideas later, perhaps in a few years time. Not that it would matter for this one.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fabulous idea.I love the way that the seas and the maps are all part of a whole. It's very cool. I too love the black and white photo but they are all stunning.