Vote for your favourite Irish eurovision song!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspired by the delightful Chig, who last year ran a vote to find the favourite UK Eurovision entrant, I'm going to start a vote to find the most popular Irish entrant.

Ireland are sending a turkey this year, whose ditty is gently ribbing the Contest. Has the Irish love affair ended? If so, what will be the swansong? Let's find out.

Eiresong Eurosong: Round 1

Here's how it will work: there are 40-or-so songs, divided into 10 groups. A winner from each group goes to semi-final stage with two automatic byes to the final. A Final of 4 songs will then battle it out. Exciting stuff. So let's go.

The first round are Songs That Are Acediscovery Favourites. They're all a bit poptastic. Leave your votes as follows: 12 points for your favourite, 6 for middle, and 1 point for number 3 in your selection.

Song 1, from 1974, is the lovely Tina with Cross Your Heart. Irish women everywhere were wearing that Criss-Cross Playtex number come summer 1974.

Song 2, from 1982, is the Duskeys with Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. The Duskeys weren't all Duskey by name. One was Sandy Kelly who went on to release many a country album in Ireland.

Song 3, from 1981, is the band Sheeba with Horoscopes. Marion Fosset, the woman who is shown last, was a circus ring-mistress, and Maxi (her in the middle) is still broadcasting in Ireland. Maxi is a legend, and was part of the trio Maxi, Dick & Twink. Brilliant.

So that's it! This is Millstreet Calling - what are your votes please?!

(You can vote right up until the end of the 10th round, so there's nothing stopping you.)


Geoff said...

Sheeba - 12
Tina - 6
Duskeys - 3

That Sheeba song is marvellous. Can't believe there aren't more songs using astrology as a lyrical theme. And those outfits!

Adrian said...

"They are celestial, we are terrestrial" - brilliant!

David said...

Sheeba - 12
Tina - 6
Duskeys - 3

Lovely Maxi, best way to get up in the mornings.

Melodimen said...

What a selection!

A battle between Tina and Duskeys, with Duskeys just peaking the battle of the 'las' due to their style och consulting and microphone technique. So...

Tina - 3
Duskeys - 6
and Queen of the stars
Sheeba - 12

Anonymous said...

Sheena 12 - very catchy
Duskeys 6 - love the piece just before the chorus
Sheeba 3 - great costumes boring song

Anonymous said...

Your blog is BACK!
I don't know who to vote for. I'll just go by your judgement.

Anonymous said...

Ok ok ok:
Sheeba 12
Duskeys 6
Tina 3