Vote! Favourite Irish Eurovision song - Round 2

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ireland have won Eurovision 7 times, making us the most successful Eurovision countries (if you just count wins).

However, we have finished quiet spectacularly badly on more than one occasion. 2007 was the nadir, when we finished last in the final.

This round is the Paddy Last round. Which of these losers is your favourite? 12 points for your fave, 6 for 2nd favourite, and 3 for your 3rd.

First up, Kiev Connolly & Missing Passengers from 1989. You might rightly ask 'who?' as surely nobody remembers this. It came 21st and was Ireland's lowest placed entry until then. Poor Kiev.

Next, from 2004, Waterford man Chris Doran. He won You're A Star, but wasn't popular with the Euro-voters. Maybe it was his sub-Westlife oversized white jacket? As an aside: I love the stage for this song, it's all shimmery.

And next, 2007's Disaster Dervish. I still maintain Dervish are a good act, but not on TV. It's painful to watch.

Next, from 2002, is Gary O'Shaughnessy with Without your love. I don't think this is all that bad, but it came 3rd last. Its failure led RTE to rethink our entrants and invent the You're A Star competition.

And last of this motley crew is 1999's The Mullans. Their song was called When You Need Me, and clearly nobody did as they came 18th. Oh dear.

So which of this likely lot is your favourite? This is Millstreet Calling, leave your votes in the comments.


WappingPsycho said...

Chris Doran, hands down.

Dervish looked as if someone had spiked their drinks that night. Shocking to watch. Anyone would think we didn't *want* to win...

JawnBC said...

Oooh the Moollans! I like the song, but they were so...bovine! Kiev was mediocre, not bad. Gary O was actually a good singer with a nice song...he just acted like an eejit down the local pub.

Poor Chris Doran--that stoopid warbling noooote on the chorus sank his battleship. He's talented otherwise.

For me it's hands down Dervish. She was dreadful, they looked like they were coerced for that lame faux minstrel waddling. I liked--like, actually--the song. But they're giggers, not a telly act.

How much would we have to pay for Niamh to come back?

Anonymous said...

I vote for Chris Doran bc he's hawt.


JenM said...

Chris for the win. Feel so sorry for Dervish. they never had a chance.

Melodimen said...

Here's some points...

...although like everyone else it seems, perhaps it's too difficult to give credit to a top 3!

3pts was going to be Dervish but sneaked by Mullans for their silvery frocks and co-ordinated arm moves.

6pts - Chris Doran for the 'Stop' hand move and the rising notes 'still stand tall.' Credit to the backing singer microphone technique. What does he say at the end?

12pts - well its' not Birthe Kjær so just sneaks it on the dadadas and the ending, despite the half hearted head turns and Jessica Anderson leg bounce the electric guitar bit is painful. Perhaps Chris should have it afterall?