London Eurovision Party

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last night's UK Eurovision Party was an amazing night - how could it not be with that line-up? My highlights:

  • Passing Ani Lorak on the stairs as I went in.
  • Seeing Malta's Morena on the VIP balcony bopping along to Eurovision hits
  • Seeing Nanne Gronvall on the VIP balcony finger-clicking and singing Making Your Mind Up
  • Cheryl Baker - Queen of Advertising - advertising Bucks Fizz's Greatest Hits
  • Malta's Morena bouncing up and down to perform Vodka
  • Iceland's Euroband doing a medley of Eurovision hits, and then the fantastic This is my life
  • Nanne Gronvall bringing on backing dancers.
  • The Armenians that showed up to support Sirusho

Armenians supporting Sirusho

  • The sheer bonkers-ness of Bosnia's Laka
  • Ani Lorak performing Shady Lady
  • Ani Lorak's topless buff dancers - she knows her audience.
  • Dancing to Hero again and again and again

Here's Ani Lorak performing Shady Lady

And here is Nanne doing Hall Om Mig. Brilliant!


Karen said...

Thanks for posting those videos, Adrian. I'm sure I got a better view with YouTube than my 5'3" self would have got at Scala. (Well, that's what I'm saying to console myself, at any rate.)

DJ Culé said...

Ani Lorak is the best :))

Chig said...

Fantastic! Your Nanne video not only shows off the performance really well, but features me, me, me all the way through it! The back of my head, me punching the air in the appropriate bit, me waving my camera in the air (both arms!) at the end. Hurrah! I love you.

Do you mind if I post this as well, with credit, of course?

PS. Your request has been answered on World Of Chig. :-)

Chig said...

Oh crikey, it's the same for the Ani Lorak vid! You have filmed me taking some of my best onstage photos ever! I am so pleased with some of my Ani Lorak pics. You'll see them soon...

Did you faint half way through this one? Sasha and Bogdan (the dancers) had that effect on me too! ;:-)

Adrian said...

You're more than welcome to use the videos.

I didn't faint; that was a swooosh look at the crowd video sweep type move.