Vote! Favourite Irish Eurovision song - Round 3

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Onwards from the losers of the last round to some of Ireland's glittering winners. This is the "Oh, it's you again!" round - those entrants who know when they're onto a good thing, and come back to the Eurovision stage.

First up, the man dubbed Mr Eurovision, Johnny Logan. Here he is, second time round for Ireland, in all his white-suited glory.

Hot on his heels is the singer of his song Why Me?, the one and only Linda Martin. She's quite the celebrity in Ireland these days, but this is her first Eurovision attempt - the fantastic Terminal 3. Linda came second with this (and seems to be wearing Johnny Logan's suit). Will she win your votes?

Next up, former showband boys The Swarbriggs. Having come 9th in 1975's Eurovision, they came back (with 2 lovely ladies) to compete in 1977. The brilliantly-named Swarbriggs Plus 2 sang It's Nice to be in Love Again and came 3rd.

Finally for this round, an entrant who has not done Eurovision twice, but has tried. Marc Roberts, our representative in 1997, entered our national final this year but couldn't compete with Dustin. In 1997, Ireland had won 4 of the previous 5 Eurovisions - nobody wanted another Irish win. This came 2nd.

So, your votes please! 12 for favourite, 6 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd (or just whatever you like, and I'll work it out!). Remember: all the previous rounds are open until the end of the first 10 semi-finals, so vote on those too!


Anonymous said...

Whenever we're in an airport my sister randomly sings Terminal 5 Flight On Time quite loudly. I never knew it was Linda Martin. For that reason she almost got my vote but really, Johnny Logan is the man. I know all the words and sing it out like a loon.
So my vote is for Johnny!

Anonymous said...

I never liked Johnny, could never see the appeal at all. And he looks even worse compared to the marvel who is Linda, who's easily my favourite. Swarbriggs (what kind of name is that???) gets my 2nd

Unknown said...

Another set of votes...

3pts Swarbriggs Plus 2.

6pts Johnny God bless you Ireland Logan.

12pts Linda - Don't miss you flight love.