World Cup in London: Ghana

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Or: Football with London's Ghanaian fans

Ghana football fans, London

A vuvuzeula greeted me on my way to watch Ghana -v- Germany with Ghanaian fans in Gold Coast, in Brixton.

When I arrived there, the vuvuzuela was joined by whistles, singing, chanting and cheeering from the fans of Ghana - accompanied by a very long queue to get in.

Sadly, the queue didn't shorten, so I, along with lots of others, decamped to another bar three doors down.

The carnival atmosphere continued with cheering, chanting and lots of shouting at the screen. In the last half an hour, practically every pass Ghana made got a cheer.

Not everyone shared in the fun: one woman sat reading a copy of Reveal. Another applied her blusher when Germany scored. I admire her committment to glamour.

When it was revealed that, in the other match, Australia had scored, you'd think Ghana had actually won the whole World Cup such was the excitement. And with the final whistle, Ghana, despite losing, were going through ,to the cheers of their London fans.

Next: Taking a little break from football, I'm returning next Monday with a match featuring either Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Chile or Switzerland.