World Cup in London: Slovenia

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Or: Nogomet! Football with London's Slovenian fans

Slovenian football fans, London

Day three of World Cup in London took me (and my friend Eseld) to a bar called The Colonies near Victoria station.

Slovenia are making the most of their World Cup debut by advertising tourism in Slovenia, so the bar was decorated with flags and banners with the oh-so-slightly-camp Donna-Summer-referencing slogan: I FEEL SLOVENIA.

Initially, however, all was quiet with only a few people present. I hoped it wouldn't be a repeat of my last time watching with Slovenia. Some were wearing the trendy Slovenian football jersey but most were not adhering to the green dress code. One man wore a white shirt adorned with Slovenian flags. So far, so good.

As the game went on, the bar filled up with a jovial, fun atmosphere. I suspect the Slovenians didn't expect to win, as they chatted and joked with the match in the background.

That was until near the very end, when Algeria had a man sent off. Suddenly, it mattered. When Slovenia scored soon afterwards, the bar erupted in cheers and chants with everyone jumping and punching the air.

Slovenian football fans, London

Ten minutes later, Slovenia had won. Valiant Slovenia had arrived. The fans began singing and chanting and poured out onto the street, cheering and jumping and posing with flags for photographs.

Slovenian football fans, London

Today's matches were quite popular with a whole bunch of bloggers and photographs watching the matches with foreign fans - say hello to Simon & Angela.