World Cup in London: Slovakia

Monday, June 21, 2010

Or: Futbal! Football with London's Slovakian fans

Slovakia football fans, London

Yesterday, I, along with Geoff, went to the Czech & Slovak club in West Hampstead to cheer along Slovakia.

Slovak fans had gathered there to watch the match, and tuck in to platefuls of home-cooked food. Schnitzels, stews, goulashes and big slabs of cheese covered in breadcrumbs were all being served up to the hungry and appreciative Slovaks. For our part, we nibbled on Pepe Chrumky, peanut flavoured corn puffs. Intriguingly yummy!

To be honest, I think the Slovaks were there for food not football. There was very little cheering or chanting - admittedly, their team were losing badly.

I met Peter, a Slovakian guy from my German language class, and he didn't seem hopeful of a Slovakia victory. Sadly, he was proved correct, but the assembled fans didn't seem all that bothered -  dessert was being served.

Next: Honduras, if I can find any Hondurans. If not, Ghana.