Digging Ditto

Monday, February 26, 2007

I went to the Astoria on Saturday night to see The Gossip. My good friend Bintal organised our tickets, and for that I'm super grateful. The Gossip are amazing, they're like some kind of fabulous cake with Beth Ditto as the icing on the cake, with Beth Ditto simultaneously eating the cake too, and probably licking her fingers whilst doing so.

You'll have to take my word for it that The Gossip are in the photos. I was literally shaking with excitement.

But first! There are support acts: PRE were very shouty and very noisy. I was unimpressed. Bonde Do Role's repertoire seemed to consist of taking cheese-tastic uncool songs, adding beats and shouty rapping. Oddness.

  • Lady from the band wore yellow and black striped socks, over pink tights, green shorts and a red striped t-shirt over a green t-shirt. Brave is one word. She grinded her crotch, shook her rump and did frenzied faux simulated aerobic sex movements on stage. If she were more co-ordinated, she'd be a Pussycat Doll.

But, now, to the main attraction. The Gossip took to the stage with huge cheers.

  • Beth Ditto strutted on stage wearing a silver bin bag over blue leggings. She promptly whipped off the bag to reveal a bright blue spandex body suit and sparkly belt. It was amazing.

  • Bintal, in her California tones, described the 'bin bag' as a 'trash bag'. Ditto wore a silver trash bag. Ace!

  • They described their song Coal to Diamonds as a gay / lesbian / transexual / bi-curious love song.

  • She took the NME to task for "chicken-shitting the fuck out" by not putting her photo on the cover despite placing her at Number One on their Cool List.

  • Costume change! Spandex blue catsuit was replaced with a more conservative, but cool, black cropped trousers and voluminous bosom top.

  • Standing in the Way of Control is amazing - combining angry guitars and woah-oh's in one song is always immense.


Bintal said...

They're the cover story for this week's NME, out Wednesday!

Sara said...

Jealous! As I think I have previously expressed. She is awesomeness personified. I think it's "Coal to diamonds", not cold, btw, which is so stark and still and all kinds of beautiful.
It's such great singalong music too.