More of this, please

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

These are some things I'm currently enjoying, liking and loving:

  • This is Spanish Eurovision winner Massiel (she won in 1968!) presenting a song at the Spanish preselection. Massiel won't be singing Busco Un Hombre in the final, she was just presenting it. That's a crying shame as it's a wonder to behold.

    I particularly like her swinging her coat above her head and her exuberant bouncing. She's a game old bird.

  • From one game old bird to another. It's Carola, in full strut formation, arms aloft stomping her way through Invincible, again, at the Spanish preselections. I like how the floaty blue top she's wearing never really fits until her arms are aloft in the flag-carrying position.

  • And finally, according to tabloid tittle-tattle, Jude Law is dating the presenter of Iceland's X-Factor show. Her name is Halla Vilhjalmsdottir. What a fantastic name. I want more celebrities dating random foreign celebrities with ace names.