Sweden! Melodifestivalen! Schlager! Hurrah!

Friday, February 02, 2007


I know I've just been to Finland, but this weekend is all about Sweden and the beginning of the 6 week fest that is Melodifestivalen! I've just heard the songs, and can't wait to see tomorrow night's show.

* Elina Lento's Money is quite ace pop. It has the ace chorus refrain "show me what it takes to be a real rich bitch" and use of the "money, money". It's not quite the pop stormer that was promised, but is damn good. It's what Gwen Stefani's Rich Girl could be if it dropped the rap and hooked up with a popstar. Looking forward to seeing it performed.

* Andersson & Gibson's Anything but You is rather pleasant, but doesn't really go anywhere.

* Anna Book! Samba Sambero! Hurrah, schlager! Huge key change!! Sounds just a little bit like The Chicken Dance. Should be a great fun performance, and won't that be wonderful.

* Addis Black Widow's song is slightly dark, demented Kylie. It's a bit 'meh' and sort-of just stops. MF songs need a big ending!

* ...speaking of which! Andreas! He stops the song by saying "Stop" It's like disco-Madonna-meets-Helena-Paparizou-with-a-boy. I rather like it. His 5 dancers should work it. Very high potential for literal choreographic application of lyrics. Ace!

* Tommy Nilsson's song is a big rock ballad, most popular in the 80s, just like its singer. Big key change with straining-out-the-song emoting, though.

* Sofia's Hypnotised owes Helena Paparizou its life. It's very much a Helena album track, and starts with a wonderful but although flattens out in the middle. Here's hoping the performance makes it live!

* Uno & Irma say God morgon! and the song bounces along jauntily with hints of guitary schlager, but no real melody.

Hurrah, if only Melodifestivalen was every Saturday night!


Poster Girl said...

Can we skip Sunday through Thursday? I can't wait for next Saturday!

My favorites:
1.) Andreas--love it, and you're so right about the dancers. I love the little command bits, too.
2.) Sofia--it's not as good as it should be, but I still like it.
3.) Elin--very poppy...I want to see the performance for it.

I haven't been able to listen to Anna's song yet, though.

I hope everything works out with Dmitry Koldun...

orange anubis said...

I'm a little distraught to learn BWO aren't making their annual appearance, but you've made this lot sound pretty exciting.

Jamie said...

Elin's performance was the best by far and I want her in the final! Thanks god for Anna Book is all I can say.

Bintal said...

Yeah yeah, pop music stuff, Eurovision stuff, etc etc, but you're mine on the 24th!