Melodifestivalen 2! Hurrah

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm blogging live, and just a little tipsy (amazingly for the first time), listening to the new batch of MF songs.

* Regina Lund. She's no Lena Philipsson! Ha. It's rather great. Loving the spoken word intro. Wonderful, thumping chorus and we-love-you-for-who-you-are sentiment. Key change comes way too early, but that doesn't stand in the way of ace pop! Hasn't a chance to qualify I'd say, but I love it. She's dressing up as a space-cosmonaut-clown (or something) tomorrow. She's clearly bonkers. Hurrah.

* Marie Lindberg is oh-so-lovely but it's not ace pop nor schlager and I'm too tipsy to give it the time of day.

* Yimmy Yansson! I find it hard to believe Thomas G:Son wrote this. Where are the clichés? Where is the not-really-lyrically clever mention of Evighet? At least it has a key change! It's nowhere near as fun as Vi Kan Gunga (or whatever), but should be a fun performance.

* Ooh, Cosmo4! It sounds like the sound of a tipsy night out! Hurrah. Homage to promiscuity! Hurrah! I'm liking the cat metaphor. Pussy *snigger* etc. I hope they can pull this off live, as it could be ace.

* The opening to Lustans Lakejer's song is dramatic, and then the singing starts. Oh dear. It can never reall recover from the vocal, it's too flat, too dull, too old-man-trying-to-do-electro-pop. Nice backing vocals though, and a key change!

* I'm skipping Jessica Andersson in the hope that it's brilliant.

* Svante Thingy & Anne-Lie Rydé is jazzy-schlager. It's sort-of fun, but I don't see it qualifying, but I don't suspect they even think it will either.

* The Ark are pumping. It's ripped off from a thousand glam rock songs, but it's good fun. Should be performed brilliantly. Takes forever to get to a chorus - if that could even be called a chorus! Actually, I don't like this. It's practically acoustic for goodness' sakes.

* Thank fuck for Jessica Andersson! It's not as good as Kalla Natter, but it does mention INGENTING, and Kom is an excellent title. It's crying out for a dance remix. The key change is fabulous.

And that's that. Me sleep now.


Poster Girl said...

I got all excited for the first ten seconds of the Lustans Lakejer song, and then the real singer started singing. Do you think we can get one of the backing singers to replace him and give the song some real oomph?