Melodifestivalen 3!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Last night's Melodifestivalen semi-final was all kinds of ace. I loved all the songs, and there was exciting drama in the results which were super-surprising. I felt some accolades needed to be mentioned:

The Anything A Minogue Can Do I Can Do Better Award goes to Therese. Spinning on a CD and posing on the CD = Ace. The Arrival is a great song, I hope it becomes a hit outside MF.

The Strutting Award goes to Måns Zelmerlöw for some wonderful shapes being thrown in Cara Mia. He was a strong contender for The Synchronised Dancing Award but I think Nanne pips him at the post for the swooping movements in the final chorus in her performance.

The What The Hell Are They Wearing Award goes to Magnus Carlsson and Sebastian. Magnus seemingly decided to come as Katrina out of Katrina & the Waves, whereas Sebastian continued Jordan's looking like a Teletubby trend with shocking aplomb.

Wind Machine Award to Sonja. Lovely ballad with wind effects.

Hurrah. The MF final is shaping up to be every kind of exciting. I personally think Sweden stands a great chance in Eurovision if they send Sebastian. It's a rousing song, has a wonderful trick-you-and-lead-you-into it key change and he dances like a seagull. Can't beat that.


Robpop said...

I love the Therese track. Its very Kate Ryan/Dannii/Velvet