Rockin' Robyn

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I went to see Robyn play in Metro last night. Rather than the erratic and raw Robyn we saw last time, this was funky Robyn. She was in total control of the stage, and the audience loved her. We sang along at all the right moments, and you could see Robyn was overwhelmed by our reaction. She chirped "takk" and "thanks" and was uber-cute. These were the high-points:

  • It was a retro-Robyn-fest, with performances of Show Me Love and Keep This Fire Burning.
  • But the best song of the night was her newest, the oh-so-sublime With Every Heartbeat.
  • Robyn put her hand up her top for one chorus of this and affected a very strong heartbeat. Ace.
  • Robyn danced her little legs off - bopping and popping to nearly every song. This involved a lot flailing of arms and legs. Coordinated, she is not.
  • Robyn's fringe covers half her face. I don't know how she sees.
  • There were two performances of Be Mine, but for both she neglected to say the "and you looked happy, and that's great ... I just miss you, that's all" line. I agreed with a random, excitable Swedish girl that this was not right, so we said the line together, thus making everything OK.
  • Konichiwa Bitches was ace, as per usual.
  • Robyn was accompanied by two drummers - such a good look.
And that's that. Robyn is playing another London gig in just under a month, at Cargo. Click here to book, and go see as Robyn is fantastic and ace.


Tingle said...

She was totally brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood what people love about Robyn. Am I missing something?

Adrian said...

Some people seem to consider Robyn the saviour of all music. I must admit I'm not one of those. I think some of her songs are amazing (some are duff, in fairness) and she's quite an exciting popstar. Simple as, really.