Vote! Your favourite Eurovision song from Ireland - Round 5!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The vote continues to Round 5. This round is the Something of Something round. Now, I'm not suggesting Irish songs are formulaic, but these 4 have titles structured blah of blah. But which is your favourite?

How about Ireland's first ever Eurovision winner? Wee Dana from Derry with All Kinds of Everything. Bless her little cotton socks!

Or what about Pat McGeegan's effort from 2 years earlier? He sang about his Chance of a Lifetime.

Ireland really were on a Something of Something roll in the late 60s when 1 year later, 1969, we sent the lovely Muriel Day with The Wages of Love. What a great name! Amazing dress! Brilliant key-change bit!

Next up, a jump of 30-odd years to 2000, and the very timely Millennium of Love by Eamonn Toal and his hair.

So! Vote vote vote for your winner. NB: Should nobody vote (cough), Muriel Day will win this round hands down.

Icelandic map by Thor

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've collected Iceland for my 'Globe' Project. This is Iceland, as drawn by Thor, a Retro Bar Douze Points regular.

Iceland, by Thor

Realising Thor was Icelandic - I don't meet many Icelandic people - I grabbed my chance.

It's also made me realise - I'm unlikely to meet many people from Vanautu, Tonga, and a huge wealth of nations... So I'm going to change this project to be a collection of European countries maps. It will henceforth be EuroRevision.

London Eurovision Party

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last night's UK Eurovision Party was an amazing night - how could it not be with that line-up? My highlights:

  • Passing Ani Lorak on the stairs as I went in.
  • Seeing Malta's Morena on the VIP balcony bopping along to Eurovision hits
  • Seeing Nanne Gronvall on the VIP balcony finger-clicking and singing Making Your Mind Up
  • Cheryl Baker - Queen of Advertising - advertising Bucks Fizz's Greatest Hits
  • Malta's Morena bouncing up and down to perform Vodka
  • Iceland's Euroband doing a medley of Eurovision hits, and then the fantastic This is my life
  • Nanne Gronvall bringing on backing dancers.
  • The Armenians that showed up to support Sirusho

Armenians supporting Sirusho

  • The sheer bonkers-ness of Bosnia's Laka
  • Ani Lorak performing Shady Lady
  • Ani Lorak's topless buff dancers - she knows her audience.
  • Dancing to Hero again and again and again

Here's Ani Lorak performing Shady Lady

And here is Nanne doing Hall Om Mig. Brilliant!

Vote! Your favourite Eurovision song from Ireland - Round 4!

Friday, April 25, 2008

This is a random round - if you can find a common thread in these songs, you're something of a genius (aside from being Irish and in Eurovision, obviously).

So, in chronological order, first up, from 1967, is Sean Dunphy with If I Could Choose. Sadly, youtube doesn't have the whole performance, so you'll have to make do with a mini-soundclip in this Contest roundup (he pops up around the 6 minute mark).

Next, from 1975, it's The Swarbriggs - minus their 2. Here's That's What Friends Are For.

And now, from 1979, here is Cathal Dunne with Happy Man.

And, lastly, from 1993, the second of Ireland's famous three-in-a-row victory, Niamh Kavanagh with In your eyes. This was voted Ireland's favourite Eurovision entry a few years ago - will it be your favourite?

So, Millstreet calling, etc. Please leave your votes in the comments.

Vote! Favourite Irish Eurovision song - Round 3

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Onwards from the losers of the last round to some of Ireland's glittering winners. This is the "Oh, it's you again!" round - those entrants who know when they're onto a good thing, and come back to the Eurovision stage.

First up, the man dubbed Mr Eurovision, Johnny Logan. Here he is, second time round for Ireland, in all his white-suited glory.

Hot on his heels is the singer of his song Why Me?, the one and only Linda Martin. She's quite the celebrity in Ireland these days, but this is her first Eurovision attempt - the fantastic Terminal 3. Linda came second with this (and seems to be wearing Johnny Logan's suit). Will she win your votes?

Next up, former showband boys The Swarbriggs. Having come 9th in 1975's Eurovision, they came back (with 2 lovely ladies) to compete in 1977. The brilliantly-named Swarbriggs Plus 2 sang It's Nice to be in Love Again and came 3rd.

Finally for this round, an entrant who has not done Eurovision twice, but has tried. Marc Roberts, our representative in 1997, entered our national final this year but couldn't compete with Dustin. In 1997, Ireland had won 4 of the previous 5 Eurovisions - nobody wanted another Irish win. This came 2nd.

So, your votes please! 12 for favourite, 6 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd (or just whatever you like, and I'll work it out!). Remember: all the previous rounds are open until the end of the first 10 semi-finals, so vote on those too!

Vote! Favourite Irish Eurovision song - Round 2

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ireland have won Eurovision 7 times, making us the most successful Eurovision countries (if you just count wins).

However, we have finished quiet spectacularly badly on more than one occasion. 2007 was the nadir, when we finished last in the final.

This round is the Paddy Last round. Which of these losers is your favourite? 12 points for your fave, 6 for 2nd favourite, and 3 for your 3rd.

First up, Kiev Connolly & Missing Passengers from 1989. You might rightly ask 'who?' as surely nobody remembers this. It came 21st and was Ireland's lowest placed entry until then. Poor Kiev.

Next, from 2004, Waterford man Chris Doran. He won You're A Star, but wasn't popular with the Euro-voters. Maybe it was his sub-Westlife oversized white jacket? As an aside: I love the stage for this song, it's all shimmery.

And next, 2007's Disaster Dervish. I still maintain Dervish are a good act, but not on TV. It's painful to watch.

Next, from 2002, is Gary O'Shaughnessy with Without your love. I don't think this is all that bad, but it came 3rd last. Its failure led RTE to rethink our entrants and invent the You're A Star competition.

And last of this motley crew is 1999's The Mullans. Their song was called When You Need Me, and clearly nobody did as they came 18th. Oh dear.

So which of this likely lot is your favourite? This is Millstreet Calling, leave your votes in the comments.

Vote for your favourite Irish eurovision song!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspired by the delightful Chig, who last year ran a vote to find the favourite UK Eurovision entrant, I'm going to start a vote to find the most popular Irish entrant.

Ireland are sending a turkey this year, whose ditty is gently ribbing the Contest. Has the Irish love affair ended? If so, what will be the swansong? Let's find out.

Eiresong Eurosong: Round 1

Here's how it will work: there are 40-or-so songs, divided into 10 groups. A winner from each group goes to semi-final stage with two automatic byes to the final. A Final of 4 songs will then battle it out. Exciting stuff. So let's go.

The first round are Songs That Are Acediscovery Favourites. They're all a bit poptastic. Leave your votes as follows: 12 points for your favourite, 6 for middle, and 1 point for number 3 in your selection.

Song 1, from 1974, is the lovely Tina with Cross Your Heart. Irish women everywhere were wearing that Criss-Cross Playtex number come summer 1974.

Song 2, from 1982, is the Duskeys with Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. The Duskeys weren't all Duskey by name. One was Sandy Kelly who went on to release many a country album in Ireland.

Song 3, from 1981, is the band Sheeba with Horoscopes. Marion Fosset, the woman who is shown last, was a circus ring-mistress, and Maxi (her in the middle) is still broadcasting in Ireland. Maxi is a legend, and was part of the trio Maxi, Dick & Twink. Brilliant.

So that's it! This is Millstreet Calling - what are your votes please?!

(You can vote right up until the end of the 10th round, so there's nothing stopping you.)

I Got Around

Sunday, April 06, 2008

dragonette oyster card holder

Just over a year ago, I went to see ace synthpoppers Dragonette play their showcase. They gave out Oyster card holders emblazoned with "I Get Around", one of their song titles.

Sadly today, I have to decommission my Dragonette Oyster holder as it has fallen apart.

Eurovision in London

Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's not often that Eurovision performers come to London, but when they do, I fizz with excitement

Billed as the biggest Eurovision event in London since the 1977 Contest, the UK Eurovision party have the strut-tastic diva that is Ani Lorak, the 90s dance-a-thon poppers from Iceland, and I'm sure many more to come. Colour me excited.

More details at:

Random Ani Lorak fact. Her name is really Karolina, which spelled backwards is Ani Lorak. And, to whet the appetite, here she is being fierce and fabulous with a veritable army of dancers at this year's Russian National Final.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

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