Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Annti TuiksuAntti Tuisku came third in the first series of Finnish Idols, which was won by this year's Finnish Eurovision entrant Hanna Pakarinen. Antti, 23, subsequently released two albums on the same day - Rovaniemi and New York. They topped the chart at numbers 1 and 2 in their first week.

Rovaniemi mixes pop sounds and hints of trip hop and downbeat ethereal techno to surprising effect. New York is much more racy, vampy and sexy. Taking a Timberlake styling, the album took influence from Antti's idol Madonna, mixing dancebeats and electrosynth hooks, creating an modern sound complimented by assonant Finnish lyrics.

Sekaisin, loosely translates as 'Confused', reached number 2 in the Finnish charts last year. I love the 'ooour' sound in the chorus, based on the sound of the Finnish language.

, which means Future, builds from synth hooks and echoey vocals to a huge chorus.

Annti Tuiksu - Sekaisin mp3 (right click-save as)

Annti Tuiksu - Tulevaisuus mp3 (right click-save as)