New York City

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I (heart) NY, rubbish

Far from being rubbish, New York City is amazing. Here's what I did:

  • Looked incredulously at tall, tall buildings. Skyscrapers are amazing.
  • On the first day, wondered "where are all the people?" The city seemed remarkably, and oddly, quiet.
  • Got caught in a rainstorm (oh my god, I'm Carola) wearing hopelessly inappropriate clothing (oh my god, I'm Carrie Bradshaw).
  • Saw someone with big hair and sunglasses like dinnerplates in Saks 5th Avenue who I'm choosing to believe was Diana Ross. As she sashayed past, the sales assistant breathlessly whispered "you look beautiful" at her.
  • Bought very, very gay Diesel swimwear
  • Became a label queen, buying 2xist underwear for, like, £4. A cheap label queen, obv.
  • Said "I guess", a lot.
  • Ate "subs".
  • Bought Verka Serduchka and Ruslana CDs at a Russian music shop near Coney Island. Eurovision is unavoidable.
  • To that end, I saw a bar called Vertigo and a restaurant called Dervish.
  • Took well over 600 photographs. Just be glad I'm not doing show and tell. They'll eventually make their way onto Flickr, I guess.
  • Explored New York's many gay scenes. My favourite was the Meatpacking District. No giggling, please.
  • Laughed like a drain at the bitchiest drag queen I've ever heard. She grew impatient at her show not being able to start, grabbed the mike and shouted "Motherfuckers! Get a move on, I'm growing a beard here!"
  • People watched. Three particular standouts were:
    • A gorgeous, cornfed American jock type stormed manly into a bar, dropped his bag with a manly movement and campily screeched "oh my god this bag is soooo heavy!"
    • A blonde girl rushed me past engulfed in her conversation on her phone: "No, cos Anthony told Samantha" all said in total Noo Yoik speak.
    • Two women met on the subway, having not met in a while. One says to the other that's she's not working right now. The other replies, "oh too bad. I do accounting for a firm of forensic investigators".
I find these hilarious, and I don't know why. Beguiling, just like New York.


Goggle said...

I'm glad you had fun! I was in the city last Friday and I thought I saw you, but it could have been my eyes deceiving me.

Where is this Russian music shop? Or at least, what was the name? I'm in that area of Brooklyn frequently yet I haven't come across it yet.

Bintal said...

Awesome! I hope you have some photos today when I see you!

Adrian said...

Bintal - I will indeed. All 600, in fact...

Goggle - I was only in NY briefly last Friday. Got a train to Boston at 12. Where did you see the prospective me? The Russian store is in Brighton Beach, on the main street (under the elevated subway lines). I think it's called MOS Videofilm, or something. From outside it's masquerading as a movie store, or book store, but there are loads of CDs inside. And they're cheap as chips too.

Goggle said...

It wasn't you, just a lookalike then. It was at 53rd st. and 6th ave. at noon.

Thanks for the tip on the Russian music store. I can't wait to go, for I love cheap non-American CDs.

Pål said...

I will need a copy of that Verda Serduchka CD hen!

Jamie said...

New York is truly breathtaking. On our last night there it was the final episode of 'Sex and the City' and it felt like an event!

I particular enjoyed going to 'Stonewall' and being invited to a transexuals flat in the Bronx so we could go to see a gospel choir the following day. Fabulous!