Saturday, May 12, 2007

Now that Eurovision is done and dusted, I'm off to New York tomorrow.

But there's still time to celebrate this year.

Serbia was a fantastic, deserving winner. I loved the militaristic, powerful performance and Molitva is a storming stomper of a song.

I'm really glad a ballad has won again, and it's the first fully non-English song for yonks.

My votes on the night were a tight affair: 3 joint winners: Serbia, Ukraine and Slovenia. I had the top 2 at least.

Patriotically, I'm a bit disappointed Ireland didn't do better, but not surprised - it was joint 20th in my line-up. We gave big cheers when Scooch got their 12 points from Malta, and huge groans when Ireland's points for the UK and Lithuania voted themselves into last position.

Also: a word to Sweden, who really didn't do well. SEND SCHLAGER EVERY YEAR: YOU'RE GUARANTEED A JOINT 6TH POSITION.

And that is all. Now, hands in fists, arms aloft: MO---LIT---VA!!!!!!!


Goggle said...

I'm also very happy that Serbia won. I'm sad that Sweden did poorly, but it didn't look good on camera and needed a bigger stage like in Melodifestivalen. Even though I have recently become a big Ark fan, schlager would have given them a better position.

Have fun in New York!

Trixie said...

I can't get over how shit Ireland's performance was. Were they taking the piss? It deservedly got last place.

Poor Slovenia. It sounded amazing live, but I don't think the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the chorus really came across on tv.

Have a wicked time little one xx

Bintal said...

I was waiting for the Eurovision-related posts...

Have fun in NY!

Pål said...

The Serbian winner is fantastic! Love it. Being in the Hartwall Arena was magical. Have a great time in NY!


Anonymous said...

your ugly! hope you get run over by a yellow taxi.

Jamie said...

Hmmm, some people really aren't very nice are they (see above)?

Hope you have a fab time in New York. I know I did when I went. I think it's the most extreme way to beat the post Eurovision blues anyway.....

Adrian said...

Thank you, Jamie, and all who commented - not you anonymous. Let's save the world, indeed.