Girls! Aloud!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I've been to see Girls Aloud play their Greatest Hits tour in Wembley. In a word, it was amazing. I love their songs, their attitude, their style. The audience was a hugely diverse mixture - young kids, gays a plenty, indie boys, Essex girls, trendy girls, New-Rave "youth of today" and many more besides. Girls Aloud seem to succeed by mixing quite complex, layered and referential pop music and lowest common denominator styling, and somehow pull this off with ace personality.

The Best Bits:
  • Entering and coming down onto stage on a platform.

  • Nicola, despite allegedly being Miss Body Issues, wearing the most revealing clothes of all 5. The minx was loving it.

  • The band, great as they were, were kept well hidden at the sides of stairs with dancers to the forefront.

  • The Hunky dancers, especially when wearing ripped shirts and ties or nothing at all. One long, lingering shot of a dancer's chest and torso proved there was certainly a gay in charge of the camera.

  • Their dodgy covers were rescued by: Synchronised Strutting during Walk This Way, hunky dancer pelvic thrusts for Jump, and an amazing finger-clicking bit in I Think We're Alone Now.

  • Cheryl Cole totally over-sexes her dance moves, especially during Something Kinda Ooh. She's fabulously filthy.

  • Three dancers brought out nunchucks at one point. It's always nice to see violent weaponry on stage.

  • Nicola's miserable puss for the "frankly I don't even care" lyric in No Good Advice was a joy to behold.

  • Dance routines with canes.

  • There was an odd Dirty Dancing routine but, sadly, no time for a 'Nobody Puts Nicola In The Corner' skit.

  • A whole lot of shimmying, shaking, thrusting, lurching, head swishes and hair swooshes - especially during Wake Me Up and Money.

  • The hunky dancers were hidden under bedspreads for The Show, and the song's "I won't sex you until I say so" message was given a whole Benny Hill chases around the bed treatment. Brilliant.

  • Biology! Literal dance interpretations of "a girl's got to zip it up" and the tick-tock-clock dance move.

More pictures on Flickr, if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

How'd you get such good photos? Mine are all blurry. I stole yours!