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Monday, May 07, 2007

brightboy from helsinki

Brightboy are an exciting new band from Helsinki. They bring us catchy guitar pop songs with hooky melodic vocals, and exciting synth highlights.
They released a few singles in 2006, and a debut album: Love For The Streets. Brightboy are one of the youngest bands to ever grace the cover of Finland music magazine Rumba. They've supported current Swedish pop darlings The Sounds on tour, so they have credentials.

There's something very Finnish about brightboy. Their songs speak of enjoyment and fun, getting the most from life, but a slight disaffection with their surroundings, knowing there's something better out there, as in their song This Town Is Getting Too Small For Me and a pragmatic attitude to fame and money, as in the synth-tastic Vanity Fair.

In particular, I love Wear Out the Soles (download below). It's infectious, melodic guitar pop with a great, fun sentiment about living for the moment and dancing with abandon. It seems very Finnish, for a country that throws off the shackles of winter by partying.
Brightboy release their second album, In the shadow of trance formers, in the early autumn.
Brightboy - Wear Out The Soles mp3

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