Le Semi

Friday, May 11, 2007

Eurovision semi-final came and went yesterday, and wasn't it a whole lot of fun? As has been covered en masse elsewhere, all the qualifying countries (bar Turkey) are Eastern European. I don't really care about this, but I'm disappointed that Netherlands, Malta and others didn't qualify.

If anything, I think the EBU need to come up with a format that tempers this disappointment, and highlights the fact that the show is a celebration of music and song!

Here are my Best Bits!

  • Belarus! Dmitry Koldun's new hair-do was the highlight of his performance for me. That, and the 'reach up to the side and grab' dance move.

  • Iceland! The guitar player on the right was HOT.

  • Georgia! It felt like all the first few performers were wearing black or in dark colours, so thank goodness for Sopho and her crimson red dress. I quite liked her swordsmen too. She's obviously been to The Ruslana School of Weaponry.
  • The Netherlands! Edsilia! She belted it out, the performance was pitch perfect, quite simple not too overdone with just a little bit of strutting. Poor Edsilia.
  • Denmark! DQ was fan-tastic! Ho ho.
  • Serbia! I love, love, loved Marija's performance. From her nonchalant stroll on stage to the strangely sinister Military glamour girl chorus gently fondling each other, to her Big Belt-It-Out Vocals, it was amazing.

  • Estonia! Gerli strutted all about, to the side, to the other side and had the hunky dancers. Hurrah for Estonia's predictability.

  • Slovenia! Alenka's wonderful arms aloft entrance said "I'm here!" and her sparkly diamond hands were cool, but most exciting was Alenka's cute "look! I've got sparkly hands!" faces.

I loved lots of other things too. Roll on Saturday!


orange anubis said...

I'm really shocked that Malta didn't get through. Still, roll on tomorrow!

Jamie said...

Yes I agree, Iceland was awarded extra points for having said hot man on guitar.

Goggle said...

I'm not shocked that Olivia didn't get through. She had trouble finding the camera at times, and her voice was weak in some parts, especially during "solo is the way to goooooo" which made me cringe.

I too loved Alenka's faces at the camera, and also her little hip shake before the second verse. She looked like she was having so much fun. I wish that the disgruntled fans could take a cue from her and lighten up and enjoy the music.