Vote! Favourite Irish Eurovision song - Round 6

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sound the dayglo pop klaxons! The vote for your favourite Irish eurovision song has reached the 80s mega-round. Here are the Irish entries from 1980, 1985, 1986 and 1988. It's huge hair a-go-go!

First up, from 1985, Maria Christian with Wait until the weekend comes. 80s factor: points for the hair, and powder blue mermaid-tail skirt, but no dayglo.

1986 next, and Luv Bug with You Can Count on Me. Definite 80s factor in this, with that fabulously massive oversized count. It's not dayglo, but another powder colour: pink. Maybe Ireland was too timid to go full on dayglo.

Let's jump back to the early 80s - Johnny Logan wins with What's Another Year, but no dayglo.

And lastly, from 1988, Jump the Gun with Take Him Home. No dayglo.

So, please vote in the comments. The klaxons remain unhorned; as examples of 80s pop, these are not top!


DJ Cool-E said...

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Crit Valent

Melodimen said...

Some missed wind machine moments!

3pts Take him home.

6pts You can count on me.

12pts Wait until the weekend comes.