Vote! Your favourite Eurovision song from Ireland - Round 10

Monday, May 12, 2008

Phew! Finally we reach the last round of Irish Eurovision songs - and this time, we've got some likely lads. Thanks to all who have voted thus far - and please leave your votes in the comments.

By Thursday, I will whittle all the votes down to a 5 song final - which will stay open until Eurovision Day on 24 May. And then we'll know the most popular Irish Eurovision song.

First up, a video of Ireland's 1995 entry - Dreamin' by Eddie Friel. Ireland had won for the 3 years previous to this entry - thankfully this wasn't as successful.

Let's jump back 30 years now to 1965, and Ireland's very first entry, Walking the Streets in the Rain by the greatly-named Butch Moore. (No direct video, I'm afraid - but you get to enjoy Poupée de Cire, Poupée du Son so everyone wins)

Next, from the following year, the ever-better-named Dickie Rock with Come Back to Stay.

And, finally, the last Irish Eurovision entry for our selection: 1976's When by Red Hurley.