Vote! Your favourite Eurovision song from Ireland - Round 8!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Ireland: we're a generous, loving nation. We love the world and all its peoples - or so you'd think from this lot of Irish Eurovision songs which have the theme of love or the world. Which is your favourite? Vote below by leaving a comment!

First up, from 1990, is Liam Reilly with Somewhere in Europe. Fans of geography pop will love this place-name-dropping number.

Next, from 1971, when Ireland hosted the Eurovision for the first time, is Angela Farrell with One Day Love. What a lovely pink frock she had!

Next up, from 1972, is Ireland's only song in Irish. Here's Sandie Jones singing Ceol an Ghrá, which means Song of Love. I love this - the only pop song in Irish that I know.

And , last but not least, from 2003, the first winner of You're A Star, Mickey Joe Harte with We've Got the World Tonight.

So: Vote for your favourite!


Melodimen said...

3 pts - Sandie

6 pts - Mickey Joe

12pts - Liam 'the memories refuse to go away' Reilly and his friends in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels, the Black Forest, Adriatic coast, London, Seville, or somewhere in Europe!

Long live GeoPop!

Anonymous said...

Jones cause it was in Irish
Reilly = Elton-esque