Vote! Your favourite Eurovision song from Ireland - Round 7

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Right, this vote needs to get a move on tout suite. So, over the next 4 days, we'll have a rapid vote round. Then I'll whittle the songs down to a 5 song final, and we'll choose our Favourite Irish Eurovision Song.

This round is all about Questions.

First up, 2005's tykes Donna & Joe with their ridiculously question-marked Love? I loved Donna & Joe - finally a decent pop song from Ireland. Hurrah and huzzah for them.

On to 1973, and it's Maxi again who we last saw back in Round 1. Here she in - resplendent in a flouncy 70s smock-frock with Do I Dream?

Yet another of Ireland's winners: this time, from 1992, Linda Martin with Why Me? It's not a patch on Terminal 3, but a classy song none the less.

The year before, 1991, Ireland send Kim Jackson who asked the question Could it be that I'm in love? She really ought to know, I would say. Could it be your winner?

And, finally, from 1998, Dawn Martin with Is Always Over Now? I bet you're thinking the same thing about this vote.

So, tell me what you think. And if you want to vote in any other round, click or scroll down.


Melodimen said...

At a different moment it might be a different result - but here we go!

3pts - 'Why me?' - Well, why not.

6pt - 'Could it be that I'm in love?' - For that note.

12pts - 'Is always over now?' - For Noel K's finger point to press play on the backing track.

Anonymous said...

Donna & Joe
Dawn Martin
Kim Jackson
Linda Martin