We have a winner!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And, lo, the most popular Irish Eurovision Song is: Linda Martin with Terminal 3.

Hurrah to her.

Oh, and Dima Bilan for Russia won Eurovision. My observations:

  • Marija and her Frankenstein brides would have completed LaGaylia Frazier's Dr Frankenstein from this year's Romanian preselection so well.
  • Vlad from Romania is still doing that odd left-leg lift he does. Watch it - once you see it, you can't ignore it.
  • Why was Sirusho wearing black, white and grey? Wear something colourful!
  • Bosnia's knitting brides were the aces.
  • The plucky Icelandic duo worked the cameras so well.
  • I still think Ani Lorak + her men in illuminated boxes were robbed.
  • I was very impressed that Sebastian Tellier had a globe on stage. Pity he didn't do much with it.
  • Spain's falling down dancer was the comedy highlight of the evening for me.

More to come soon on Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia - on my trip, I only spotted one Eurovision star: Boaz from Israel. His arms are very impressive, but he's teeny tiny! Bless little Boaz.


Boz said...

I am with you on this one. Ukraine woz SO robbed! Shady lady was ace fun. Sebastian Tellier far too much like slightly cool fun for Eurovison, I reckon.

Tinsie said...

Hi there,

Nice summary of Eurovision. Mine was a little more detailed (ahem) but I have to say, I noticed Boaz's arms too. Who didn't?!