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Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's the final, and here are our finalists. We've whittled down the 40-odd entries to these five. Earlier, I held a semi-final which pitted the ten round winners against each other. It was dramatic: Liam Reilly -v- Dawn Martin, Sheeba -v- Maria Christian, Chris Doran -v- Linda Martin (T3), Sean Dunphy -v- Muriel Day & Butch Moore -v- Eimear Quinn.

And thus, here are the finalists - so what do you think? Which is your favourite? Vote!

First up, Dawn Martin with Is Always Over Now? from 1998.

Next, from 1969, it's bopping Muriel Day singing about The Wages of Love.

And now, Ireland's only winner in the final - Eimear Quinn from 1996 with The Voice.

And the penultimate entry: from 1984 - Linda Martin with Terminal 3.

And finally, the immensely amazing Sheeba from 1981 with Horoscopes.

So, vote vote vote for the winner!


Anonymous said...

Linda all the way, despite the lyrical inconsistencies we discussed the other night.

Although I'd like to give Sheeba an honourable mention as my second place. I still think there should be more songs about Horoscopes.

Melodimen said...

It's Sheeba vs Muriel vs Linda...

Hold on (be strong) while we make our final deliberations...!

Schlagerboys said...

It clearly should have been Muriel Day with the swinging microphone!!