Austria -v- Switzerland

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last night, I went to the Austrian Cultural Forum for a movie mix of Euro2008 and Eurovision. The forum showed Eleven Minutes, which lasts 90 minutes - 2 45 minute sides: 4 films from Austria, and similar from Switzerland. At the end, the audience voted for their favourites.

The film-makers play with the theme of football, rather than the ball.

The films were very interesting: one explored Austrian attitudes to foreigners, another showed Austria's only black football team, and the final replayed the exuberant commentary from Austria's last footballing defeat of Germany (1978 - see below) contrasted with the monotone German commentary.

The Swiss films examined an Italian Swiss chap deciding whether to support Italy or Switzerland, a Spanish Swiss guy assessing his relationship with his father through football, and a Swiss guy trying to fall in love in Euro 2008.

Best of all, at 'half time' and 'full time', we were treated to Austrian wurst and beer.

In the end, Austria were the winners - just like in 1978. Listen to this guy, Edi Finger, he gets very excited.