Futbol! Football with London's Spanish fans

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tonight, I went to London's little Espana off Tottenham Court Road to watch Spain -v- Italy. Costa Dorada was open, and full of football fans. Not everyone was Spanish, but the Spanish there were in full supporting voice.

Spanish football fans in London

Well, all except the couple who were snogging hammer and tongs under the TV screen.
At the beginning of the match, it was all very quiet, but they soon got into the swing of things, clapping, thumping the tables, chanting. I definitely heard an Olé or two and some other songs. The only things missing were a few bars of Viva Espana!
The place erupted with red, red and more red when the Spanish won.

So, that's the semi-finals sorted. Sadly, no Holland! Next up is Germany -v- Turkey, and I'm (hopefully) supporting the Turks.


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