Podosfairo! Football with London's Greek fans

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last night I was on Moscow Road to support the Greeks.

Initially, I went to Halepi, suggested by Time Out, but there was no TV. I asked the man in the next door restaurant (Zorba's), and ended up at Cafe Byzantium which had a TV complete with Greek commentary.

I expected the Greeks to be wild, passionate fans, so was surprised to find them all sitting around, drinking coffee and chatting.

Greek football fans, London
Only one chap was wearing football colours. One fashion highlight was a t-shirt emblazoned with a technicolour lobster.

Come half-time, and down 1-0, the Greeks piled outside, had a fag or five, coming back much more animated for the second half, jumping up and getting into a right flap when their off-side goal was disallowed.

Greek football fans in London

  • Whenever Greece took a corner or free kick, they stuck their arms out straight ahead of them and wiggled their fingers.
  • Greece's number 10 had the look of Apprentice Lee McQueen. I wonder what "that's what I'm talking about" is in Greek?
  • The crowd were very excited to see Greek number 8, Stylianos Giannakopoulos - aka Stelios.
  • They were laughing and loving the playful homoeroticism of a rough 'n' tumble tackle.