Fußball! Football with London's German fans

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I was at the Jolly Gardeners bar near Vauxhall tonight, supporting the Germans. And it was packed - there were hundreds there, with a brash and cheerful atmosphere.

German football fans, London

Now, some facts about Germans:

they're very tall - I was hemmed in by six blokes at one point.
Whoever said Germans are all blondes is wrong - brown hair was the order of the day.

Every good pass the Germans made got a cheer, every save their keeper made was cheered, and the whole bar erupted in chants and cheering with Germany's 3 goals. The last few minutes of the game were tense, but with the greatest relief - see the video below for reactions.

German football fans, London

Ronaldo was the pantomime dame of the game, and his Oscar-winning dive received much derision.

Germany's not a noted musical nation, but these fans begged to differ (and so do I). Singing, singing and more singing! My favourites were:

  • SuperDeutschland! to the tune of My Darling Clementine
  • Da-da-dadada-dada-da-da-Deutschland!
  • Aus auf Deutschland, something is a doora! (which I'm reliably informed is about scoring goals)
  • Lu-Lu-Lu-Lu-Lucas! Podolski! (not about the lovely Lulu of Boom Bang-a-Bang fame)

Next up: Turkey -v- Croatia, and I'm supporting Turkey